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How do I add users to a repo on Coveralls?

There is no member / team / user management in Coveralls!

Anyone who has access to the repo on GitHub will be able to see the coverage information on Coveralls. If the other members of your team have been added on GitHub but can’t see the repos on Coveralls, have them visit this link: to refresh their GitHub scope.

Why do you require write access for private repos?

Unfortunately Github doesn’t have a read-only private repo OAuth scope, so this is the only way we can see which private repos you have access to. Read more.

Do you support Circle-CI pull request comments?

YES! Starting at version v0.7.9 of the Ruby gem this is now supported. Other integration libraries need to include this environment variable from CircleCI:


Also, any CI integration can support this if they implement this API post parameter:


How can I enable pull request comments on my private repo?

Grant commenting access to our commenter bot:

Does Coveralls support parallel builds

Yes, we do in fact support parallel builds! To configure your repo, please check out the Parallel Builds doc Parallel Build Webhook

Do you have a service status page?

Yes we do! You can find it at: We also tend to tweet about issues as they happen. You can find the Coveralls twitter app here:

Do you offer special non-profit or educational subscriptions rates?

Lets discuss! Please email us.

Where can I request new features?

Use our public issue tracker.

Still have a problem?

For problems with, the API, or the platform please open a platform/service issue.

For problems with our Ruby gem please open a gem issue.

Why am I still being charged for a subscription? I deleted all my repos.

Deleting all your repositories DOES NOT CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. If we canceled a subscription when the repo count went to zero, then any time that you wanted to switch coverage between repos while on a single repo plan, you would have to sign up for a whole new subscription… That would be annoying.

So if you no longer need a subscription to track coverage data on your private repos, please visit the subscriptions page, then click the “Settings” button next to the organization name.